Take a relook

Corporal punishment continues to be a habitual matter in several schools all around. Children are carrying overload of text books and note books on their tender backs. They also bear the brunt of cane for silly reasons. Sometimes students are asked to complete the assigned writing work while kneeling down. Several schools resort to various innovative ways of punishing a child. For instance, a girl student is asked to slap fellow boy student or vice versa for not completing homework or not answering a question. Or students get beaten up by those in lower classes. Or the teacher takes the defaulting student to every class to further inflict insult. Or in some cases, the school teacher prevents a student from eating her lunch or does not allow them to attend class. Corporal punishment is often confused by violence or brutality in many instances. It has been outlawed in Europe, and in Japan , Canada , South Africa , New Zealand and other countries. It is high time we re-examined the saying ‘spare the rod and spoil the child'.

P. Sankara Narayanan,


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