Suzuki’s luxury saloon

Thinly disguised pictures of Suzuki’s Kizashi luxury saloon have recently surfaced, showing how the production version of the Kizashi will eventually look. Much of the low slung rakish lines of the concept car have been rationalised and the design is more upright now.

The production car also seems to have a higher waistline as well as a more upright C pillar. And while the nose of the car has a two-part grille, it does not look like the single chromed unit on the Kizashi 3 concept. Then there are regular foglamps, not elongated slats at the bottom of the chin and the detailing on the grille looks very familiar — its got overtones of the Grand Vitara and even the Swift. The headlights are very attractive to look at, especially the manner in which the double barrel shape of the lighting elements blends with the curves of the headlamp unit.

We even got a peek into the interior of the car that was very impressive. Needless to say, quality levels seem to have taken a huge leap over cars like the Vitara that currently is Suzuki’s flagship. A pair of sporty sunken dials with chrome rings and smart looking vents are neatly integrated into the dash. Suzuki isn’t making idle claims about the sportiness of the Kizashi. The Suzuki has been spotted in Germany — chased around the Nurburgring by a BMW 5 Series, the car being driven with deadly intent.

The base engine we should get in India is a 2.5 four cylinder that puts out in excess 150 bhp. A two-litre diesel will also be on the cards by the time the car goes on sale in 2011.

Maruti is tight-lipped about the launch of the Kizashi in India and there is no official communication from the company on its plans for India. However, company insiders have hinted that the Kizashi will initially be imported and later produced in CKD form depending on the level of demand. Also, the Kizashi is likely to sold through select dealerships not Maruti’s entire network.

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