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Mane issue Re-bonding seems to be in

Mane issue Re-bonding seems to be in   | Photo Credit: Photo: G.P. Sampath Kumar

There is a way out to tame those impossible curls. Re-bonding can turn your tresses straight, sleek and shiny

Curly? Wavy? Not anymore. Straight is what people want, and with hair re bonding as a very available option, most people are flocking to salons.

This very expensive yet delicate procedure can straighten those curls and natural waves.

“Hair re-bonding has reached a peak,” says Lalitha, Centre manager of VLCC, Coimbatore. Her clientele mainly includes women who are 25 and above.


Getting your hair re-bonded can cost you anywhere between Rs. 3,000 and Rs. 10,000 or even more depending on the length, hair type and volume of hair.

Surprisingly, the large sum of money does not deter people from getting their hair re bonded.

“I handle five to six appointments a week, sometimes even more if it weren’t for time constraints", states Lalitha.

What is re bonding?

This chemical treatment breaks the natural bonds of your hair (curly or wavy) with a softener or a relaxant. Then a neutralizer is applied to straighten the broken bonds.

This process can take a minimum of four hours and is to be performed with utmost care.

The duration for which the cream is applied and the temperature at which the hair is ironed are critical.

Once completed, this treatment can leave your hair straight for up to six months.

"This process is so delicate that even rain can be a dampener in achieving complete re-bonding. I have had to re schedule several appointments", claims Sonia of Sonia beauty parlour, R S puram.

Is it a harmful procedure? Hair care experts say ‘no’, as long as your hair is taken care of with the prescribed shampoo and serum.

Special care

“It’s undoubtedly a boon for people with curly and unmanageable hair. It’s the immediate 48 hours after the re bonding that are crucial as it takes two days for the bonds to set”, points out Sonia.

Women are instructed to refrain from tucking their hair behind their ears, and tying it up with clips or any other accessories during this period.

Something as simple and relaxing as sleep becomes problematic, as the hair is sensitive to pressure, dust and impurities during this decisive period.

It’s trendy

Shivapriya, the head of Naturals unisex salon, Coimbatore, was taken aback to find that a 14-year-old girl wanted to re bond her hair.

“This, we strictly discourage. However, this trend is definitely on the rise in Coimbatore. It’s the sheer manageability of the hair that has women getting their hair straightened. I have both college girls and housewives coming to me for hair straightening.”

A boon

Meenakshi, a final year Visual communication student, says, “Re bonding is one of the best things that happened to me. The only problem is the expensive products that have to be used for after care. It costs me Rs. 1,300 for both the shampoo and conditioner. I would advise anyone to get it done. It’s completely worthwhile”, she beams.

If you have enviously wished for that straight, sleek, shiny, hair, actresses on screen toss around, then hair re-bonding might be your thing.


Make sure you go to a reputed parlour and to an experienced and trustworthy hairdresser

Some research on your own can also be of help

Do not use henna or any other metallic substance, such as hair dyes for at least six months prior to re-bonding as it can interfere with the process

Re-bonded hair is extremely sensitive and has to be taken care of judiciously

Stick to the prescribed shampoo and conditioner


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