Staying grounded

In a new role Shatrughan Sinha

In a new role Shatrughan Sinha  

TV Shatrughan Sinha’s seeds of success

I was a brat, and a real one I was,” quips actor Shatrughan Sinha.

Such children often grow up to be successful comedians, so it is perhaps heartening for contestants in the fourth edition of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, which starts from next month, that Sinha will be on the panel of judges on the popular Star One reality show.


Even off-screen, ‘Shotgun’ draws attention to himself. It all seems to stem from a ‘notorious’ childhood. “I was a very adventurous and a very naughty boy,” he says. “I was very talented also and I had this amazing sense of humour. I actually used to harass everyone.”

Childhood days

Sinha had a special bond with his father, even though the naughty boy got his share of scolding and even beating from papa, who was very disciplined and punctual.

A basic truth his father taught him, says the actor-turned-politician, was, “whatever we become in life is due to whatever we didn’t get, and whatever we don’t become is because of whatever we easily got.”

Recalls Sinha fondly, “My father, the late Mr. B.P. Sinha, did his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from America and was an intellectual. I still hold him in high regard.”


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