Stay cool while you workout

Cool head Breathing exercise helps beat the heat

Cool head Breathing exercise helps beat the heat  

Exercising during summer needs special care. Pranayam helps to keep the body cool while workout

Working out and exercising during summer can suddenly cause a muscle pull, a cramp or even a serious back injury.

As temperatures soar during summer the body is prone to injury as any physical activity increases the body temperature. It is thus crucial one is aware of the potential dangers in exercising during intense heat.

So how do we exercise during the summer? For the heat is on again. And with a vengeance it seems to get more stifling each year. How then do we keep our cool during summer? Is forgoing our exercise regimen a healthier and safer option at least till the weather cools? Do we have to stop going to the gym for our regular workouts?

Fitness experts opine that one should be aware of the dangers of exercising in intense heat and it is not necessary to abstain from regular workouts or stay clear of the gym. So what are the dos and don’ts while working out in the scorching heat?

Strenuous exercise

Jeejo Joseph, a physiotherapist says, “avoid all strenuous exercises that puts your body on strain during summer. Attempt the bends and pulls that you are comfortable with.

This is also not the time to set new deadlines and targets by increasing your push-ups or pull-ups. Also avoid starting any new exercise. Stick to your old regimen with which you are familiar.”


For those who exercise or jog outdoors, early morning or late evening is safer when the sun is not ablaze to cause sunburns. Sunburns prevent your body’s capacity to stay cool. Also remember to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. For those who practise yoga some cool pranayamas or breathing exercises decrease the body temperature and keep you cool. So do not stop your workouts during summer. Moderate exercises and cool pranayamas do help ward off the heat. Face the summer headlong. Don’t lose your cool.


M. Haridas, yoga instructor says, “practise the following pranayamas to cool your body and get relief from the intense heat.

Sit comfortably. Stick your tongue out and fold it like a spoon. Breathe in deeply through the mouth. Hold your breath. Then breathe out slowly through the nose. Repeat this three to ten times. It has an instant cooling effect on the body during those sweaty, hot periods.

Spread your mouth wide and clench your teeth. Press your tongue against your teeth and breathe in deeply through the mouth. Close your mouth and breathe out slowly through the nostrils. This also cools down your body and gives you relief from the heat.


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