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Next time when you get a feeling that your driver is just a wink away from sleep don’t be alarmed. Just place Zicom’s anti-sleep alert device behind his ear. When his head droops down below an angle, it emits a loud alarm signal to alert him – and save you, and him too, from a disaster called road accident.

For kds

Besides this first-of-its-kind device, Zicom, a leading security solutions provider, has also introduced a personal anti-loss alarm and a security alarm. The anti-loss alarm for kids, comprising a transmitter and receiver is designed as a key chain. The transmitter is attached to the child and a safe distance is set through receiver and when the distance between the two exceeds the pre-set range the alarm will give three beeps in quick succession to alert the parents. Useful in parks, malls and family outing, etc., you can set a maximum distance of 25 metres in this device.

The personal security alarm is for securing one’s belongings like purse, handbags, briefcase, etc. A person staying in a hotel can simply string the alarm cord across the door of the hotel room. If the door is opened there will be a piercing alarm to scare away the intruder. The devices are available at exclusive Zicom electronic security shoppes, and key retail outlets.

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