Splitting hair over myths


Awareness is essential for great locks

Even as many ways of taking care of the hair emerge, wrong notions crop up too. Here is a list of some of the myths and truths surrounding hair care.

Diet has no impact on hair

Not true. One's diet has a great effect on one's hair. A balanced diet comprising fruits and green vegetables provide the required nourishment to the hair, in the form of protein and vitamins.

Oil massage aids hair growth

It is a common misconception that use of oil leads to growth and hair development. Oil softens the hair temporarily, but does not provide nutrition to hair roots.

Split-ends can be treated

Many believe hair with split ends can be treated. This is wrong. Such forked hair must be cut at the earliest, or they can cause further damage.

Split-ends affect hair growth

Split-ends are the result of damage in the outer layer of hair, and so do not affect the growth. But, split-ends must be cut.

Brushing does not harm hair

It does! In fact, wrong brushing even leads to split ends, resulting in hair fall. It is fine to keep your hair kempt, but do not keep brushing it.

Plucking one grey hair brings about two

No it does not.

Dandruff is infectious

No. It is caused by microbes, active in certain people.

However, do not use the comb or hair brush of those with dandruff, as it can cause hair problem.

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