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No barriers Visually impaired Tazo is working on his guitar playing skills

No barriers Visually impaired Tazo is working on his guitar playing skills  

Singer Thomas Tazo on being a part of a Saregama album

Continuing its practice of providing an opportunity to upcoming singers and music bands, the company Saregama has recently released an album, “Underground – The Best of What’s Next”. The album gives a deserving platform to Thomas Tazo, a 23-year-old visually impaired singer from Chayang, a remote town of Arunachal Pradesh, among other artistes. His single, “The Wind” features in the album.

Tazo, in New Delhi for a performance at Select City Walk Mall the other day, sets aside a few moments to answer a set of questions. The excerpts:

Tell us about your musical journey. At what age did you decide to opt for singing as a career?

Well, music has always been around me although I don’t exactly remember the age when I got into it. I was somewhere around 8 or 9-years-old when I first decided to become a musician.

Does ever your visual impairment come in your way of success?

Life has always been very challenging and encouraging at the same time. But no, this has never been a major problem. It’s just that I can’t see but my world is in many ways the same as everyone else’s and I was confident of realising my dream but there is still a long way to go.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Music has always been a passion for me and becoming a part of the music industry was always one of my earliest childhood dreams but it’s the bands like MLTR and Westlife which have influenced me big time.

Have you ever tried singing any Bollywood number or local folk songs?

No, my Hindi is terrible but yes, I used to sing in the local language but never had any stage shows on any folk songs.

So what lies in the future?

Like I said there is still a long way for me to go and there is always a scope for improvement.

(Besides singing, Tazo is working on improving his keyboard and guitar playing skills to become a complete musician.)


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