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WHERE FEET COME FIRST A pedicure session in progress at Foot Fetish, Kilpauk

WHERE FEET COME FIRST A pedicure session in progress at Foot Fetish, Kilpauk   | Photo Credit: Photo: M. Vedhan

BEAUTY Foot in the mouth? PRIYADARSHINI PAITANDY almost found herself doing this after heavenly-smelling chocolate was smeared on her feet at a pedicure session

Indulge in: Chocolate pedicure

Technicalities: A complete pedicure is one that not only makes your feet soft, clean and crack free but also helps them stay that way for days afterwards. Surprising as it may sound, it’s true — chocolate does not just taste great, it also does your skin a world of good.

The hour long chocolate pedicure at Foot Fetish does all this and more — be it for tired, tanned and grimy feet or a flawless pair of feet.

It involves an elaborate process of scraping away dirt, dead and dry skin followed by a chocolate scrub, a chocolate massage and a chocolate pack.

The process: Foot in the mouth is a situation I often find myself in. More so this time, during the pedicure session. Before you shudder in disgust wondering whether ‘foot-in-the-mouth’ is a new form of pedicure, let me assure you that it’s only fish that nibble at your toes during a fish pedicure. A chocolate pedicure does not mean one chews one’s chocolate smeared toes! But the gooey, heavenly smelling stuff did tempt me. The pedicure started off with cuticle cream being applied to my nails. I was then asked to dip my feet in a basin of water.

Kumar, who did my pedicure added salt, lime, a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and pedicure shampoo to the water. This helped remove the dirt and impurities. He used several funky looking instruments which tickled my feet, making me giggle. Kumar said the idea was to clean my soles. “Only after the grime and dirt are removed will we know if there are cracks on your feet and how the dead skin around them can be scraped off,” explained Kumar, as he saw me squirm. He continued scraping away, to remove the dry skin next. Holding each foot at an angle he examined them carefully and then began scrubbing and scraping away at the skin. It was almost as if he were chiselling a rock. He wiped the scraper on a white towel and I was shocked to see the amount of dirt, he had removed from my feet. (Hey, but I soap my feet everyday and scrub them twice a week, honest!) Next he used a pumice stone to scrub my feet. This, he said would help restore and polish the skin.

The cleaning process completed, Kumar proceeded to apply a chocolate scrub followed by a delicious smelling chocolate cream followed by an even yummier smelling chocolate pack. I observed that the chocolate was not dark. “We choose the scrub and the pack depending on your skin tone,” he said. Once the pack was applied my feet were gently wrapped in foil paper. The next time I wanted to wear a pair of silver boots, I knew this was what I should do! I was asked to keep the foil on for a while as it helped generate heat which would in turn facilitate the absorption of the pack. After about 15 minutes, the foil was removed and my feet were wiped dry.

THE VERDICT: Being finicky I am most often unhappy with pedicures. But this one gave me no room for complaint. My feet felt like they had been given a facial and I almost developed a foot fetish as I kept touching them frequently.

DETAILS: The pedicure costs Rs. 650

ADDRESS: Foot Fetish, 106, Landon Street, Kilpauk, ph: 26425050

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