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New world Shilpa Shetty as an Odissi dancerin her latest movie

New world Shilpa Shetty as an Odissi dancerin her latest movie  

Shilpa Shetty says her character in ‘The Desire’ is one of her best roles

She is the boss on the sets and there is no mistaking that star power as Shilpa Shetty sashays into the set of ‘The Desire,’ an Indo-Chinese production that is directed by R. Sharath. Suddenly the set at the picturesque Kuthiramalika in Thiruvananthapuram crackles with action.

Lights are switched on and assistants come streaming in from all directions – make-up, spot boys et al.

After effortlessly finishing her shot for the day, Shilpa is all smiles and bonhomie as she talks about her various roles in cinema and television and her work on screen and off-screen.

On her role

“I chose this film after going through several scripts and I know I can give my best to this role of Gouthami, an Odissi dancer who finds it impossible to love anyone as she is completely in love with her art. She desires her art and others desire her… finally, when one is able to give up all kinds of desire, one attains Nirvana. The film is about Gouthami’s evolution and her journey … very philosophical message,” she says laughing.

‘The Desire,’ which is being shot in Kerala and Maharashtra and Kuala Lumpur, shows the complex relationship between a Chinese painter and the dancer. Shilpa has been paired with Chinese superstar Xia Yu.

To portray her role, Shilpa, a trained Bharatanatyam dancer, has been learning Odissi from Ratikant Mohapatra, (son of Kelucharan Mohapatra) and his wife Rajshree.

“In a mainstream film, a dance is meant to entertain and I have my own style. But this is different. It is a classical art form and one cannot deviate from it. So, despite hurting my leg and having put in 15 stitches, I have been practising hard.”

Shilpa will also be working in an untitled home production of Sunny Deol’s. “I play an actor in that film. Both my roles are different and that is what is challenging about it.”

Memorable 2008

Agreeing that last year was a memorable year for her, she points out that her film ‘Life in a Metro’ “won me my first award. Till then I had only won a lot of nominations, right from my debut film, ‘Baazigar.’ Moreover, it was the first Bollywood film to have its premiere in Leicester Square. Much before ‘Om Shanti Om,’ it was ‘Life…’ that set the trend. The film deserved such an opening and the producers had the guts to go ahead with a world premiere. Moreover, thanks to ‘Big Brother’ I have a huge fan base in the United Kingdom.”

“It would be stupid not to acknowledge the power of television. I was able to reach out to so many viewers and increase my fan base thanks to ‘Big Brother. It was because of my experience in the show that I agreed to host the second season of ‘Big Boss.’ I know the state of mind of the contestants. Yeah, I am a great fan of television.”

Her own production house, S2, is all set to click into action with a film that will be directed by Manish Jha. “Watch this space… Many new exciting things are going to happen.”


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