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Gita Kapoor’s books on Feng Shui in 2009

The year is yet new. In keeping with the season, Feng Shui master Gita Kapoor’s books, “Year of the Ox Predictions 2009” and “Feng Shui And You” were launched the other day in the Capital. Kapoor said she got introduced to Feng Shui on a trip to Kathmandu in 2000, while browsing through a bookstore. “I picked up a paperback on the subject; I tried some techniques mentioned in it, practically, on myself, and was astounded by the results.”

She added, “Enthused, I went for a course in Malaysia, and then tried it on my family and friends with astonishing results, and from there, my journey kicked off.”

Kapoor, who has studied under world famous Grand Masters Lillian Too, Yap Cheng Hai and Joey Yap, stated, “While I have always believed in the power of God, these nine years have made me more spiritual and stronger.”

The Chinese New Year commenced on 26 January, explained the author, adding, “I have specially written ‘Predictions 2009’, and endeavoured to put together complexities of the ancient tradition into an easy-to-understand introduction for the common reader, who wants to use its power for a better life.”

Kapoor noted, “For most believers, hanging crystals and activating their relationship corners are deemed as having their place ‘Feng Shuied’! This is a fallacy, as there is a lack of exposure to traditional authentic methods. A lot of fake practitioners have jumped on the bandwagon wanting to promote Feng Shui quickly to a keen audience. To achieve a level of competence as a Feng Shui Master, there is a definite need for more professional training in the traditional classical methods, as practiced by the Chinese for thousands of years.”

On what the coming year holds for her, she smiled with a glint of secretiveness in her eyes and said, “There are lot of surprises in store, which will enhance my happiness, and lead to a fulfilment of my dreams.”


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