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India’s road signs make a funny read, discovers young writer Ajay Jain

Ajay Jain’s new book on tourism in India, “Peep Peep Don’t Sleep”, published by Kunzum, TCP Media, was recently released.

The young author has driven over 10,000 km from Delhi to the Himalayan regions of Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand to collect photographs for the book.

The title, “Peep Peep Don’t Sleep” is derived from a road sign spotted on the Himalayan highway.

The work is a unique picture book covering funny road signs and advertisements spotted while travelling in India.

He started his writing career in 2001 with a management book, but has now taken to the travel genre.

Words of wisdom

This New Delhi-based author and photographer says that such instances of humour being used in travel books genre is rare.

He adds: “Road signs are not only meant to guide and inform but they are words of wisdom, to keep the mind fresh, amuse you and entertain you while you are travelling”.

At the launch, author and photographer Amit Pasricha said the book was a unique collection of road sign photographs.

The book includes numerous interesting road signs and public notices, outdoor advertisements and storefront signs.


Some offer sage advice — “Three Enemies of Road — Liquor, Speed and Overload”.

Others are inspirational in nature — “Impossible is done immediately. Miracle takes a little time”, or “Learn Hindi and feel the voice of India”.

A few others carry a serious message in a flippant vein: “Feel the curves. Do not test them”.


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