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Enjoying the spotlight Kriti Kharbanda

Enjoying the spotlight Kriti Kharbanda  

Kriti Kharbanda is not disappointed with her first movie and is waiting for more

Kriti is charming, eloquent and an interviewer’s delight. She has just one film in her kitty but has mastered the art of giving the right bites even before one comes up with a question.

The actress giggles: “I’m enjoying every bit of this attention. I know Boni isn’t a hit but the film couldn’t move ahead without me, I couldn’t have asked for a better debut.”

The actress who holds a diploma in jewellery designing plans to specialise in diamond grading. Kriti Kharbanda is aware of the mixed reviews her debut film has had but insists the movie was just not about running around trees.

She says a lot of people asked her why she looked deglamourised in Boni and she says that the director didn’t want her to use make up and wanted her to look simple, it was his perception. She has been deluged by offers but at the moment she is unsure which film to pick. She adds, “I think I’ll take my time. Films are my hobby, it’s not my profession, I don’t want to rush into it and make wrong choices.”

Why hasn’t she chosen a Hindi film for her launch? The actress says the competition in Bollywood is more and films take more time for completion and she’d rather be a big fish in a small pond. She agrees that hard work should be accompanied by a generous helping of luck. Her philosophy in life is to do anything that would put a smile on people’s faces.

But what when she’s hurt?

She smiles, “I love to indulge and seek solace in ice cream. If someone would treat me to one, I’d melt with the ice cream. I don’t like chocolate though but an ice cream is a major weakness.”


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