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A Starry tale Scientist-author Mani Bhaumik

A Starry tale Scientist-author Mani Bhaumik  

Scientist-turned-author, Dr. Bhaumik is out with his second book, “The Cosmic Detective” published by Puffin India. If his first book “Code Name God” created ripples, this one has been chosen the “official product for International Year of Astronomy 2009 by UNESCO.” Before one dismisses “The Cosmic Detective” as meant for kids alone, Bhaumik quickly pitches in, “This is for children who are 11-plus to those who are 99.”

Bhaumik brings alive the dark mysteries of the night sky and narrates the story behind the gleaming stars and faraway galaxies.

In a nutshell, “The Cosmic Detective” is a science textbook made into an interesting read. It is padded up with the details on latest leaps in astronomy and rare pictures of the universe.

The U.S.-based writer recaps on a childhood in the untouched Krishnaganj in West Bengal, to a journey through the Indian Institute of Technology, to an extraordinary career in America.

His touchstone to success and fame was being the co-inventor of the laser technology which made LASIK eye surgery possible. “I have put it like a mystery. ” he says.


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