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Bouquets Meera Nandan has had a dream debut in Lal Jose’s ‘Mulla’

Bouquets Meera Nandan has had a dream debut in Lal Jose’s ‘Mulla’  

Teenager Meera Nandan is just a film old. She blossoms into an actor in the Malayalam film ‘Mulla,’ writes Sajni V. Sahadevan

Not more than a film old, Meera Nandan is unassuming and refreshingly innocent. Viewers of Idea Star Singer will recognize her as one of the anchors of the reality show. She had auditioned as a competitor in Idea Star Singer. But she was selected as an anchor for the programme. Her first appearance before the camera was in an advertisement for ‘Mohanlal’s Taste Buds.’ Now, the teenager plays heroine to Dileep in Lal Jose’s ‘Mulla.’

The transition

Tired but excited after a slew of appearances on various channels in the city to promote the film, her transition from the small screen to the big screen came after considering the fact that “the Lal-Jose and Dileep pair have never failed to deliver a hit.”

Eagerly awaiting her Plus Two results, Meera hopes to enrol for a bachelor’s degree in Communicative English in an effort to juggle commitments on the academic and professional fronts. Talk about ‘Mulla’ and her face lights up.

“We bonded like family members. There were numerous occasions when I got scolded for being careless, like when I bumped my head against the door or hopped off the steps which I didn’t know overlooked a cliff on the location,” she smiles mischievously. “Incidentally, ‘Mulla’ premiered the same day on which my house-warming ceremony took place. So, we named the house ‘Mulla,’” she adds.

If not on television, facing the arc lights, Meera prefers to lounge in front of the tube while at home. “Now, I find myself noticing details from the technical aspect. Things like continuity, the actor’s gestures or what a shot would look like in a particular way,” she says before adding: “I would like to be remembered for doing memorable roles.”

Still, the teenager in her is irrepressible. Ask who her favourite actors are and she smiles bashfully: “Hrithik Roshan! But I like Manju Warrier too. Dileep chettan rang her up and put her on the line for me!”

Her friends remain her biggest critics, ready with comments on where they thought she excelled and where she could have done better. “I like that I’m still unrecognizable to most people when I head out without the make-up,” she grins.

“Would you believe it if I told you that a tarot reader saw me at my relative’s place and immediately said I’d be well-known? That she’d have to come to Madras to see me? Of course, we laughed it off then..,” she recalls. Memorable experience

“As a little girl, I’ve always dreamt of being famous and liked by people. Working with Lal Jose Sir, Dileep chettan … people whom you normally see on the big-screen, has been quite an experience in itself. What more could I ask for?”

The phone rings. “Thank you so much,” Meera tells the caller – someone who has obviously just seen the film and couldn’t resist stalling the compliment till the next day.

That’s Meera Nandan for you. Definitely the actor to watch out for.

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