Safety matters


A stolen phone and missing cash and valuables can ruin a perfect vacation. Here’s how to stay safe during holidays

Bag it !

If carrying cash or travellers’ cheques, split them between bags. Even if you lose one bag, there’s enough to keep you going in another.

String a couple of tinkling bells into your zipper. That way, you’ll know if someone is trying to touch your bag

Don’t leave your cash in the outermost compartment of your bag. That makes you sitting duck for a smart thief.

Be smart

Place your cash in money belts. Not terribly obvious ones, but those that look like your regular belts, but come with a concealed zip.

Make photocopies of your passport, credit cards, tickets, and important documents.

If possible, carry the shopping bag given by a local store. Not only do you not look ‘foreign’, it’s less prone to being stolen.

Things to avoid

If you’re travelling to a foreign country, try your best to not look like an awe-struck tourist. That’s an open invite for a pick-pocketer.

Never loudly mention the hotel you’re staying in or your room number in public.

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