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Karan Kundra with Anusha Dandekar

Karan Kundra with Anusha Dandekar  

Karan Kundra feels reality show is the best medium to showcase talent

Karan Kundra emerged on the scene with Ekta Kapoor’s Kitani Mohabbat Hai and in a small time became a heartthrob of small screen. His popularity soared with Roadies and now he is hosting MTV Love School 2 with his actress-singer friend Anusha Dandekar. Here Karan talks about love and relationship.

What is the uniqueness of Love School ?

Well, Love School talks about love and romance where Anusha and I host the show as counsellors of the couples. You all must have heard that many institutions talk about sex education but nobody talks about failed relationships, not even the families. Plus, there are no other shows on television which gives solutions to the couples to eliminate their differences. Moreover, the show will talk about about issues like honesty, insecurity, trust, compatibility and commitment in relationships.

How did this idea get developed?

School is a wider term when it comes to learning the basics of every lesson. So we have tried to co-relate the school days where we learn new concepts and basics. Through our show we have tried to guide the couples in reigniting their failed relationships by providing solutions to common issues. That is why it is called love school and not college or love office because we can’t learn or revise the basics of such things.

As for the development of idea, the channel came up with the idea of giving a platform for real life couples facing a relationship crisis.

Did you ever fall in love? According to you what is the definition of a meaningful relationship?

Well, yes I did fall in love during school days but I feel the definition of love changes every time. We have to change according to the demands of a relationship.

How would you define your chemistry with Anusha Dandekar?

Anusha and I share a cordial relationship on-screen as well as off-screen because we understand each other. It’s not that we don’t have differences. We have, like she is Marathi, I am Punjabi but good communication always made us solve such issues.

What, according to you, is the best platform for acting?

I think that the best platform to showcase your talent is reality shows because you can stay natural and confident. Moreover, I believe that your personality and acting skills define the screen whether you are doing movies, daily soaps or reality shows.

Any message to all those couples who want to reignite their relationship

It’s natural that people feel attracted towards each other, magic happens and problems arise. But these issues can be solved through a good communication. There are couples who come on our show and got into deep conversations to sort out their differences. It’s a show which every married couple can relate to.

You next move...

Currently, I am with MTV but from now on my focus will be on movies only.

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