Rahil’s roles

PLANS The young actor has always been interested in direction  

Modelling was only a springboard to make it to the small screen, says Rahil Azam

Rahil Azam is a known face in the small screen. He has essayed many roles ranging from the role of a superhero in “Hatim” to a love stuck youngster in “Yeh Mere Life Hai” among others. Rahil had started off as a software engineer, but was always interested in acting. “I would feel that acting would be my forte. I went to Mumbai, some years ago and joined modelling.” He adds: “I was hardly involved in any modelling assignments. I wanted to use it to gain a toehold in tv serials. Soon, I got some offers and things have worked out fine.”

Azam feels that characters such as Hatim is a once-in-a lifetime chance. “We have a limited success rate as far as home-grown superheroes are concerned. Barring Hatim and Shaktiman, I don’t think any other character has managed to make a mark in public conscience.” Asked about his choice of playing multiple characters, he smiles: “I don’t play different characters at the same time. I take up one project at a time. That helps me focus better on the character and helps develop my acting skills better.”

His acting skills have often drawn comparisons with Aamir Khan. Azam smiles at the comparison and remarks:, “He is an awesome actor. I feel that like him, I also would like to go for quality, rather than quantity, be it films or serials.”

Like many other tv stars on the small screen, he also harbours Bollywood ambitions. “I am definitely open to acting in movies. When I started out, movies was my ambition. As a child, we hardly saw any serials on tv. I am currently occupied on this new show, which shall be released in January. This is going to be very different from my earlier roles.” Rahil bemoans the fact that quality comedy seems to be vanishing from serials and the small screen.

“I have done way too many mature roles for my age, I would like to act in a light-hearted comedy series. However, quality comedy seems to be vanishing soon, barring on reality shows.”

He feels that the small screen industry will continue to grow and assures that soaps are not going out of vogue, yet. “Some soaps had outlived their utility and hence had to terminate operations,” says Rahil. Azam has always been interested in direction, but feels that his style may not be very popular. “If I would direct a show on tv, I would want it to be a weekly show, and not run everyday. I would want to make a serial that people would talk about, not forget it the moment the end credits roll. ”