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A Remarkable Mother

Jimmy Carter,

Rs. 745.50

This is President’s Carter’s loving, admiring, wry homage to Miss Lillian Carter, who championed the underdog always, even when her son was president.

Trick or Treatment

Simon Singh & Edzard

Ernst, Rs. 726.75

In this definitive book on alternative medicine the authors provide a thorough examination and judgement of more than thirty of the most popular treatments. The book delivers the ultimate verdict on alternative medicine.

Indian Army Vision


Gurmeet Kanwal,

Rs. 495.00

This is a scholar-warrior’s view of the nation’s preparedness, especially that of the army, born of experience and a close study of the security environment and how it is changing.

Absolute War

Chris Bellamy,

Rs. 470.25

In this magisterial work, the fruit of more than a decade’s research, the author provides, in one volume, a modern history of the greatest and most hideous land-air conflict in history. This work is set to become the definitive history of his cruellest of conflicts. A must read for all those interested in history.

The Comedy


Rs. 195.00

Almost all forms of humour are represented in this book. Short stories, anecdotes, cartoons, limericks, quips, even humorous telegrams find a place in this hilarious anthology.

The Virgin of Flames

Chris Abani,

Rs. 350.55

The author reveals Los Angeles as we have never seen before, magical and crumbling, a place of deserted rooftop oases and intersections where new identities are bought and sold.

The Economic


Robert H Frank,

Rs. 320.62

The eminent economist uses economics to explain the strange situations man encounters in everyday life. Now he shares the most intriguing questions and the economic principles that answer them to reveal why many of the most puzzling parts of everyday life actually make perfect sense.

The 3 Mistakes of

My Life

Chetan Bhagat,

Rs. 95.00

Based on real events the writer creates a dark, witty tale about modern India, where he brings out the ethos and isolation of an entire generation to the fore.

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