Pet pals

People who have adopted female pups have all unanimously agreed that when it comes to affection, the females are as good as their male counterparts. A female dog is also as loyal and territorial as a male. Unfortunately, due to social conditioning and lack of awareness, people prefer only male dogs resulting in females in a litter getting abandoned and left to die mercilessly on the streets due to starvation or by getting run over by speeding vehicles. Those that survive breed unchecked, adding to the ever growing street dog population.

The primary reason that people don't prefer female dogs is the inconvenience that they have to go through when the females come on heat twice a year and the males in the surrounding area getting attracted to them, usually resulting in aggression and fights. Protecting a female from getting pregnant becomes an added burden. All these problems are easily avoidable. Spaying a female dog around the first heat cycle takes care of all these issues completely. Females don't come on heat after spaying and the chance of males getting attracted or the female conceiving is completely eliminated.

Adopt a female mongrel pup and by spaying her on time, have a healthy, affectionate and loyal companion for life and at the same time, fulfill a social obligation of checking the street dog population explosion.

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(The article is written by Dr. Mini Vasudevan, who is the founder of the Humane Animal Society, Coimbatore)