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Kitten care for beginners

So, you've brought home a new cuddly kitten. Congratulations and bless you for providing home to a hungry and probably abandoned / orphaned kitten. Here are some ways to keep it healthy and happy.

If you are adopting one from a shelter, speak to the shelter staff to check if the kitten is healthy or suffering from any problem. Some suffer from respiratory infections and diarrhoea that can be completely treated with good care and food. Make sure you are committed and have resources and time to take care of it.

Take your kitten to a vet for a general check up and find out about vaccinations against common diseases. They must also be dewormed.

Sterilise your kitten to prevent it from giving birth or straying. Neuter your male kitten when he is around eight months old and spay your female when she is around six months old. Ask your vet about animal birth control (ABC).

Don't let your kitten out for the first six months as they are too young to defend themselves against dogs, other male cats and vehicles. If you own a vehicle, check the bonnet and below the vehicle every time you start, to see if it is there. Many kittens die after getting stuck in the bonnet or get crushed under the wheels.

Hero of the week

This week's heroes are Abhishek Khosla and his wife Natalie Anissa Khosla Vucko. Says Aparna Bhatt who nominates them: “This wonderful couple has been fostering and finding homes for Indian puppies. They've even adopted a few Indian dogs and will be taking them to Canada. Their kids are growing up to be big-time animal welfare people as well -you can already see the signs. They are an example to those who abandon their dogs once they have a child”.

Know of a hero who has performed of an act of kindness to animals? Write to

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