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Ruchi Nadkarni on how to care for your new puppy


Puppies begin to comprehend words very early; so, talk to them as often as you can. It's not advisable to leave the puppy unattended, especially in locked cars.

Take him / her with you wherever you're going or ask someone to pet-sit.

Puppies may whine a little at night, but a small carton with bedding helps, especially if you can pat them on their heads once in a while.

A consistent bedding area gives them reassurance.

Until the age of three months, stick to sponge baths.

Puppies below four months shouldn't be walked. During their teething phase, it's natural for them to bite a lot - this includes shoes, so, be patient and supply them with chew toys. Their milk teeth will fall when they turn one or two.

Yelling at puppies will scare them as they are at an impressionable age.

If on a height (example, on the bed), monitor movements carefully as they can jump off and hurt themselves.

Their bones are just forming and fractures can be big trouble. Also, watch out for small objects that are choking hazards.

Consult a vet for vaccinations and maintain the card meticulously. Harmful foods include chocolate, sweets, masala-laden snacks, food for humans, and bones (ditto for adult dogs). Human medicines are often fatal for animals. Don't smoke around them as it's 10 times more detrimental to them than to us.

And finally, remember that your new bundle of joy is just like a baby and needs a lot of gentle hugs that let him know he's a part of your family and that he can count on you to take care of him.

Hero of the week

Shoba and Ranjit Singh nominate their son Meshak who often rescues birds that fall out of their nests. Recently, a pigeon built a nest on their ventilator and he ensured that the eggs were undisturbed until they hatched. Meshak wants to become a vet when he grows up.

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Caramel is a cutie that was rescued recently. This healthy kitten is affectionate and friendly. For adoption, call 91766-97121.

Beautiful Honey is full of fun and good-natured; she's in great health and is ready for a new home. Call 98840-97862.

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