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You can bring up your dogs on a healthy vegetarian diet. Dogs need to have a balanced diet that gives them all the nutrition they need. Many dog-owners accomplish this with a vegetarian diet, and their pets live long and healthy. Chinny Krishna, chairman of Blue Cross, is one of them. For over 60 years, all the dogs in my family have been vegetarian. Many owned by other family members were repeatedly prize winners at dog shows in the 1950s”.

He recommends milk, fresh curd, whole wheat bread, unpolished rice cooked with carrots, peas, potatoes, greens, turmeric and a spoonful of ghee, and chappatis. His dogs relish these when served warm.

Suchitra Srinivasan’s two dogs have been brought up on a no-meat diet and they love bread and boiled food, including potatoes, beans and carrots. Gopi Shankar, who has four dogs of various ages, ensures that even the snacks he gives his pets are vegetarian. “I am doing my bit to lessen the impact of climate change caused by meat production. My dogs are healthy and active, mentally and physically. There’s a lot of variety in vegetarian food. I feed them dry dates, roasted grams, vegetables, boiled chickpea and fruits such as papaya. If I had fed them meat, they would’ve probably missed out on the little joys of experimenting with these foods. My oldest dog Subbalakshmi (whom I adopted off the streets due to her old age) is partially blind and deaf, but is very alert for her age; this is evidence that they are not lacking in anything”.

Dangerous food includes chocolate and raisins, which are fatal. Oily or spicy food must be avoided too. It’s advisable to ask your veterinarian for a list of prohibited food.

Hero of the week

Priyadharshini nominates Sabithadevi R.G. as hero of the week for her keen interest in the welfare of street dogs. Sabithadevi volunteers with Blue Cross and also looks after dogs at her residence by feeding them and spending time with them every day.

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