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Octopussy’s journey

A hyperactive grey kitten with large eyes recently strayed into the Madras Club where she was attacked by another cat. The gardener found her limping and when she was brought to The Ark veterinary clinic, she was in a semi-comatose state with fluid in her lungs. The vets named her Octopussy, after the James Bond movie.

Improvement in her condition was gradual but things started to look up when she was introduced to Dr. Afzal’s dog, Brindi who has always come to work with him. Brindi first showed signs of being a healer when she comforted a three-legged kitten named Manfrotto, by curling up next to the black kitten whose leg had been amputated. “When animals are convalescing, they need a lot of cuddling, as body warmth and companionship have a significant impact on their recovery. Even adult cats and dogs need to be scratched and when we’re free for a few minutes, that’s what we do. They need to get affection without which they just give up, especially the very sick ones,” says Dr. Afzal.

With a fracture in her right leg, Octopussy was initially in a daze and reluctant to walk. Two days after she met Brindi though, she started to respond positively and when she was given a toy, she played with it. The odd couple gets along fabulously well and though Octopussy enjoys grooming Brindi, it doesn’t work the other way around as Brindi’s large tongue sometimes knocks over the kitten.

Octopussy has since regained health and grabs the hands of her visitors affectionately. She’s ready to be adopted by a loving family that has a lot of time to spend with her. If you see yourself as her new best friend, call 9176625158.

Hero of the week

Pramod Ramachandran is our hero for his invaluable contribution to the Animal Welfare and Protection Trust. Pramod has helped AWPT with rescue efforts and fundraising, and has used social media to get new volunteers. He has relocated to Cochin but continues to champion the cause and maintains a long-distance relationship with the four-legged ones.

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Take me home

Three-month old Bubbly is a gorgeous puppy with a friendly temperament. To adopt her, call 9840104298 or 9940064849.

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Luna and her siblings are three months old and active and healthy. For adoptions, call 9840104298 or 9940064849

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