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BALANCING ACT Poornima Indrajit  

Poornima has won the best supporting actor award of the Sunkudumbam Viruthukal for year 2009

Perseverance pays. So, does hard work, when coupled with talent. And Poornima Indrajit now has a lot to show for all these. Poornima has just won the best supporting actor award of the Sunkudumbam Viruthukal for year 2009. It is for two characters she played in the TV serial, Kolangal, a six-year-long serial which ended late last year. She played Menaka, an elite businesswoman who is an adopted child and her biological mother, a poor village woman. Poornima has also been nominated for the Tamil Nadu State Award for the same category.

Votes from villages

“Over there, it's not only SMS that is counted, votes are pooled even from remote villages. So I am happy about the award,” says Poornima who has not yet signed on anything else. Poornima and Indrajit's second baby, Nakshatra is 10 months old now and needs all her attention, she feels. “Any work that is in Kerala will suit me now,” she adds, but is not averse to working during weekends, when elder daughter Prarthana's schedules don't get disrupted.

Poornima balances her work and role as a homemaker with finesse. “Home definitely comes first, but work is also important.” With a family that understands what show business is, she has been lucky to get the much needed support, she feels. “It was a real challenge, playing those roles, and very fulfilling, she says. When she was actually pregnant her character in the serial was also pregnant, which made matters very easy and she worked late into her pregnancy!

The response of the viewers was also overwhelming, as people recognised her everywhere and wanted to know more about the character she played, and not her. “They often take you for the character you play,” she remarks.

Poornima prefers serials to cinema these days as that suits her now, with two little children to look after. “Indran is the backbone of the family and it is he who encourages me to take up projects.”