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Shop for your dog At the launch of Plush Puppy products  

Agrani Kennels recently launched Plush Puppy range of products in the city

In recent times, there has been a spate of new cosmetic products for dogs. But Plush Puppy ( has been the dominant international canine grooming brand for years. Plush Puppy products are exported to 60 countries. Official licensee in India, Bangalore-based Agrani Kennels has now launched Plush Puppy products in Chennai. On the eve of the recent dog show, Agrani Kennels made a formal announcement about its tie-up with Plush Puppy. The launch was combined with another – that of a special set of dog grooming products from Agrani.

Agrani Kennels, which has been breeding some of the finest dogs, began to make grooming products for home consumption and later equipped its Satyam Beauty & Health Concepts with the ability to make these products on a larger scale.

S. Pathi, C.V. Sudershan and Leela Ratnam, committee members of the Kennel Club of India, took the wraps off the new products. Speakers from Agrani Kennels, including founder Nagraj Setty, stressed that the Agrani products are as good as the ones from Plush Puppy. The domestic products are more pocket-friendly. Charts, which were displayed at the venue, are aimed at guiding owners on what to buy for their dogs. For example, by reading the ‘Must Have’ list for a Bull Mastiff, any owner of this breed can buy corresponding Plush Puppy products.

Products from Agrani include an aloe vera shampoo, apro-vitamin B5 shampoo, a herbal shampoo and conditioner (“natural germicidal preparations providing protection against infection caused by propioenbaccterium acnes and other bacteria”). The use of organic materials in these preparations was lauded.

Pathi said he had understood experientially that Ayurveda worked for dogs too. He had tried a few ayurvedic soaps on his dogs and the results were extremely satisfying.

Dog pins for a variety of breeds, food bowls, buckets, towels napkins, neck ties and aprons are part of the product line.

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