The Name Is Rajnikanth

Gayathri Sreekanth, Rs. 495.00

This book, written in cinematic style, seeks to record every nuance of Rajnikanth’s life: the joys and sorrows, the pains and ecstasies, loves and betrayals. It tells the essential truth about Rajnikanth that has thus far remained unknown to his vast fan following.

Billions of Entrepreneurs Tarun Khanna, Rs. 595.00

The author uses on the ground stories and thorough research to show how China and India are embracing their own distinct terms. Entrepreneurs are powering change through new business models and bringing hope to countless people.

Blood of the Earth Dilip Hiro, Rs. 450.00

Written by the acclaimed historian and journalist this is a gripping history of oil and how it has revolutionised civilian life as well as war and global politics over the last century. The book also sets the stage for the coming oil wars of the 21st century.

Honeybees of Solomon Justice K.T. Thomas, Rs. 540.00

This book contains reminiscences of the author as judge for 25 years. Apart from a few travelogues and acquaintances with personages, the descriptions are live stories of human life displayed in different courts where he was judge.


Chris Ryan, Rs. 538.12

Full of authentic details from a writer whose training and operations with the SAS involved experience of jungle survival. Outbreak is a gripping thriller, the third in the action-packed Code Red series.

Coping with Life Stress Meena Hariharan & Radhanath Rath, Rs. 375.00

This book provides a new perspective to the theories of stress and coping. A holistic treatment of these topics, using Indian case reports and analyses, makes this book unique.

Intern Sandeep Jauhar, Rs. 350.00

This is the story of the author’s days and nights in residency at a busy hospital in New York City, a trial that led him to question every assumption about medical care today. Residency, especially the first year, called internship, is legendary for its brutality.

Hocus Pocus Paul Kieve, Rs. 717.40

Within these pages the author shares the spooky story of how he came to meet and learn from the greatest magicians who ever lived. It talks about their strange lives and mysterious deaths. And another exciting thing is that there are master classes from great magicians.

The Three Trillion Dollar War Joseph Stilglitz & Linda Bilmes, Rs. 595.00

This is a devastating reckoning of the true cost of the Iraq war, quite apart from its tragic human toll, which the Bush administration estimated at 50 million dollars, a sum that the authors now show underestimates the real figure by approximately sixty times.

Gang Leader for a Day Sudhir Venkatesh, Rs. 412.17

This is a gripping journey of discovery about life on the wrong side of the tracks. When the author, a native sociology student went to find out more about urban poverty in Chicago, the last thing he expected was to be held hostage by a gang. After being released he returns to find out more about them.

(Source: DeeCee Books, Kochi. Phone: 2362796)

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