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CARRYING IT With confidence and conviction

CARRYING IT With confidence and conviction  

Laddered stockings are the hottest ticket on the ramp and the street

If you thought ripped jeans were all the rage yet again, you must take a good look around you. This trend has influenced the way in which women wear stockings too. As a child, if there was a tiny rip in your lacy stockings, you actually cried your heart out thinking the world was coming to an end.

Who would have thought a day would come when people would rip their stockings on purpose to make a fashion statement?

Laddered stockings or ripped tights are what they are called and according to fashionistas, this trend is going to be a huge hit of Autumn 2009. However, one must know how to wear this fashion without looking like a wannabe Hollywood starlet!

Here are a few things you need to know about this style.

If you plan on wearing stockings to work, you could team your black pair with your skirt-blazer corporate outfit.

However, make sure you don’t shred your stockings randomly, unless you want to appear sloppy and unkempt in front of your boss. One or two nicks are good enough.

For a more casual look, you could team your shredded tights with a mini skirt and ankle length leather boots. Denim skirts are what many teeny boppers pair their black stockings with.

However, you could even go in for a black mini and get yourself bling boots to complete the look.

On the party circuit, laddered stockings are not a rare sight.

Open weave knits and blousons are being paired with ripped stockings that are doing better on the streets than on the fashion runways.

People are even wearing knee-length socks over their stockings.

Never overdo this fashion. Too many rips could make the entire getup appear cheap. It also doesn’t make sense to wear an extremely short dress over laddered stockings. You would draw unwanted attention.

Rip your stockings with the right tool! Use a pair of scissors if the material is relatively thick.

A blade would do the trick otherwise. Be innovative.

You could even use a grater for the job! Wearing the right shoes is important. Boots work most often. You could also try the peep-toe style depending on the kind of top you are wearing.

Most importantly, this is not a trend that can be followed blindly nor does it suit someone who does not know how to carry off the look.

Wearing it with confidence and conviction is the way to go!


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