On the mad ad world

Omkar Sane recounts his brief stint with advertising

“W elcome to advertising… now get lost; that's exactly how I would explain my career with the advertising world,” says Omkar Sane, author of the recently-launched Welcome to Advertising, Now Get Lost. An autobiographical account of Omkar Sane's career of eight months with the advertising world, his novel is candid in its approach and shows the lighter side of the advertising industry. The 26-year-old author says the ad world is not as glamorous as it looks.

“To know better one must read the book,” he says. On the other hand, the writer loves to read books on economics, Indian political science and history, and books written by Woody Allen, with his favourite television show being ‘Seinfeld' .

With two books already written along the same line of thought as Welcome to Advertising…, the writer says facts have been reiterated in his latest book. He discloses he did not quit his job, but was sacked from the advertising agency where he worked, and for now he is unemployed.

His second book in the making Coming Soon…The End recounts his brief experience in the television world. He says: “When you read it, you would get to know what a bigger circus TV is.”


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