On a song

Right moves Neha prefers to act rather than design  

Neha Sharma talks about her love for Hyderabad and her promising future

The first thing you notice about Neha Sharma is her smile. Also that she is smart, motivated and confident fashionista.

Neha Sharma made an impressive debut in 2007 in Chiruta, opposite Chiranjeevi’s son Ramcharan Tej. After a long gap, she is now doing a remake of the Tamil film Polladhavan, directed by Sandeep Gunnam and co-starring Varun Sandesh. The actress says that after the release of Chiruta, she was offered umpteen stories having the same role of a rich hot-headed girl. However, she was looking to play someone normal, simple and traditional like the character of Hema in Polladhavan, which has satisfied her to a large extent.

Neha studied fashion designing and was interning in Canada when someone randomly circulated her pictures and Chiruta happened. She appreciates the fact that the taste of the south Indian audience is changing, and people no longer approve of the slightly heavy, buxom look. “It’s a good trend, everyone wants to see a fit, not a skinny or an anorexic heroine,” she says. “By eating right you don’t suffer from lifestyle diseases.”

Neha has picked up Telugu considerably and says “Yela vunnaru, bagunnara” with ease. She terms the unit and assistant directors struggling to communicate to her in Hindi as “cute”. She is all praise for director Sandeep, who is Gunnam Gangaraju’s son, for lending clarity and credibility to her role. It didn’t matter to her that the film was being directed by a debutant. All she saw in him was the conviction and passion to make a good film.

Does she miss being a fashion designer? Neha says she loved studying fashion – about the civilisations, how they started, what they wore, how things evolved, how clothes change over the seasons, and so on. But designing for movie stars and models is an entirely new thing, with designers often at the receiving end. She prefers the relatively stress-free and more feasible life of an actor.

About her family, Neha says she has two sisters and a brother who all came down to watch her premiere and were overawed by her work. She wants to take her career as it comes and doesn’t want to plan anything. At the moment, life for Neha is one sweet song. She is freaking out on the biryani, loves the large space and the green look of Hyderabad, and showers praise on the warm weather and people out here.