Of negative charm

Ride to success Subburaju

Ride to success Subburaju  

All eyes in the industry are on the tall and brawny Subburaju

He is a combination of charming rusticity and finesse. Standing tall at 6 ft 3 inches and nearing 30, Subburaju is clearly an eligible bachelor in the Telugu film industry. At first glance one would assume him to be a hero but he is often seen playing the evil role and has so far completed 88 films in the span of eight years. He is in the news for his noteworthy work in Pourudu, Kantri, Parugu and the recent Bujjigadu where one will not miss him moving towards a slightly positive role.

Ask him if this is a conscious effort to shift to acquiring the nice guy image and then working for a hero’s role, he laughs but replies emphatically. “I have never planned my career and had never been choosy about my roles, it’s just due to luck and sheer providence that things are changing for the better. A role is a role no matter how negative it is. Experimenting with such wide a genre has been an enriching experience.”

A graduate in chemistry, he comes from a rich academic background. His father is a Telugu professor and brother a Sanskrit lecturer and Subburaju has inherited his love for literature ever since he was in school. A voracious reader and an active participant in the school dramas, he nurtured an ambition to become an actor. The first stepping stone was to become a model and Subburaju walked down the ramp over 60 times, all part time while he slogged to make a living in a private firm.

Subburaju’s ride to success was not smooth, he had his share of ups and downs and recollects struggling in his salad days. With his father’s moral support he quit his job to make acting his career. He adds, “My toughest days were when I walked long distances in Nallakunta to catch the vehicle which took the junior artistes to the location.”

At the moment he is busy with Deepavali, a Venu-starrer and Ma Aayana Chantipillodu and Raksha with Jagapati Babu.

A die hard fan of Al Pacino, Subburaju makes an effort to put his best foot forward always. He feels an actor is a model for an individual, many people look upto film stars as their icon and as such they should be careful about how they present themselves to the world, the way they dress, the words they speak and above all the life should be carefully crafted for emulation by generations.


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