Not a rejoinder

Punishment can never be a good rejoinder to achieve the desired result. The student should be helped to realise his/her own mistake and then do the necessary rectification and hard work. By resorting to punishments, teachers and even parents will be only wasting time, energy and peace of mind. At the same time, while teaching and moulding students, teachers can't be completely lenient. They need to be both strict and friendly. Much depends on the student's upbringing and grooming as to how he or she takes to the situation. These days children take it to their heart when scolded in front of their friends and lose self-confidence and also lack courage to face the problem. Everybody should act responsibly to avoid such situations where children have to be punished harshly. There are ways to pre-empt it by guiding them properly.


Shanthi Nagar,


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