No dumbing down

Sound off! N.K.Raghavendran talks about the woes of a hearing impaired person

The picture you see here is that of a HIP. That's me. In these days of acronyms, let me explain. HIP stands for Hearing Impaired Person. I am penning this column on behalf of all hearing impaired people .

Why is it that when a visually challenged person or differently abled person manages to evoke instant sympathy, we are at best tolerated with amusement.

In many cases, we are also made the butt of numerous jokes and made caricatures in many films. I feel that instead of trying to disguise our disability by wearing expensive and tiny hearing aids, we should wear larger sets so that the other person would be forewarned, much like a blind person with a cane.

This might result in a fall for demand of miniaturised hearing aids . My point is if people are not ashamed of wearing spectacles, why should we make a hue and cry on hearing aids?

Why is it that the system of hearing in the human body is so complicated that no lateral adjunct has been able to bring it to normalcy? This is in contrast to most problems with eyesight that can be managed with the help of relatively cheaper glasses. It is as if even God was against the HIPs!

The travails of HIPs are countless, but there are some advantages. What is the difference between a gun and a wife? The wag replies “You can put a silencer on the gun.” “I can silence the wife with the flick of a switch. Not only the wife but any annoying sound will be off whenever I desire!” Now, isn't that a great advantage?

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