My Kind of Place


Homeward bound

Shows, rehearsals, recordings.the time I get betweenall these is meant to be with the family. Leisure meansbeing in Pune, my favourite city. Favourite because that'swhere my mother, brother, sister-in-law and a whole lot ofcousins stay.As a child I have spent all my summer vacations with mygrandparents there. Pune is no longer the quiet neighbourof Mumbai, where I live. Still, it's great fun when the familygets together. My relaxation mantra is eating and chattingwith them. Even if I think of an outing, I plan it in such away that all of them are able to join me. It's usually a shorttrip to somewhere near Pune or Mumbai.

As I like it

Depending on my mood, sometimes I love being in citiesbuzzing with life such as New York. I have gone there formusic shows and thoroughly enjoyed its vibrancy. Andwhat did I do there besides singing? Shopped and shoppedtill I knew I could carry no more.I also loved watching an opera. San Francisco is also afabulous city. So also is Las Vegas. Not just swish metros,calm towns and villages too appeal me. Ratnagiri (in Maharastra)is one such town. We have an old-world house,constructed with mud, near the seashore. There are lots of mangoand coconut trees all aroundit. An amazing place to beaway from the maddingcrowd. Though I am notable to make it as often as Iwould like to, earlier, Iused take two long holidaysand chill out at my Ratnagirihome.


It'saboutknowingpeople,placesandmoreimportantly,a goodway to bond with thefamily.However busy youmay be, step outwith the family andsee how nice allthe membersfeel.(The singer spoke to CHITRA SWAMINATHAN)

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