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Play on Vishal says one needs to keep experimenting

Play on Vishal says one needs to keep experimenting  

Vishal Dadlani, of the Vishal-Shekar duo, feels that it is the best time for music

“The melody has begun to make a return to Bollywood, I hope it continues to stay creating magic,” says Vishal Dadlani, of the Vishal-Shekar composer duo. They have churned out musical hits like ‘Jhankaar Beats’, ‘Kaante’, ‘Bachna e Hasino’ among many others. He has donned many a musical hat, and doubles up as the lead vocalist of a rock band titled ‘Pentagram’ and one half of the Vishal Shekar team of music directors. He is also one of the jury members of a reality show on Channel V, Launchpad.

He denies following any particular genre of music. “I like to listen to all forms of music, from Led Zeppelin to Carnatic classical music. Music transcends all boundaries of language, religion and creed.”

Vishal feels that selecting music, especially in a band/ group is a fairly difficult task. “It depends on many factors such as the mood of the song, the setting etc. We have to undergo many brains storming sessions before arriving at the final musical score. This is true for bands and music directors anywhere on the planet.”

On the music scene in Bollywood, Vishal maintains: “Bollywood music has evolved over the years. As I mentioned, melody has made a comeback, especially with the music of A.R. Rahman.” He feels that luck also played an important role in granting him opportunities in Bollywood.

“I feel we had entered at a time when experiments and new musical forms were being encouraged. Bollywood encourages and nurtures many musical genres and styles that also helped us in getting a foothold.”

For young musicians joining the industry, Vishal says: “You do not need to be a trained musician to emerge as a successful music director/composer. I have no formal training in music. Confidence is vital to success in the industry. You need to keep experimenting to ensure that you maintain the competitive edge.”


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