Multi media message

Bonnie Collura's work

Bonnie Collura's work  

Art The five artists stir a potpourri of emotions

W hen five artists dabbling in different media are brought together by a curator, watching their works can leave you scratching your head. Not in a negative way, but it makes you wonder how artists scattered across the globe can meld their sensibilities and try to communicate the human predicament.

The artists whose works are on show are Bonnie Collura from the US, Christian Huvet from France, Irena Gabiani from Georgia, Manohar Chiluveru and Srinath Vadapalli. Encompassing the full range of installation art, photographs, multi-media paintings and video installation, the exhibition shows how artists are straining to get across their message breaking all barriers.

“I had the idea to do this kind of a show where I bring artists from across the world and mount an international show. It began with a concept that we should have artists who are into new media, who focus on contemporary issues of gender/sex and social issues with current relevance,” says Rohini Iyengar, who has curated the show, that will be on display till July 16. Right at the entrance of the gallery is a huge masculine statue created by Manohar. Without any defining shape and form but with the masculine form. The other striking pieces include Bonnie Collura's ink and paper works. The daubs of ink spread in a feminine abstraction; completing the effect, is a band of pink ribbon. The outline in black gives shape and form without creating a distraction. Christian Huvet, who teaches art in France, has small multi-media works on display that bring the elemental and the transient together with the male form wrapping up the image.

See all the works together and it really is a visual ensemble.


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