Moral question

The recent incident of a mob, claiming to be custodians of Indian tradition attacking women at a pub in Mangalore has sent shockwaves across the country. The perpetrators behind the attack were rounded up by the police, only after public outrage boiled and spilled over.

MetroPlus asked city residents whether hooligans are being given a free hand, in the guise of moral policing in the state.

Most people felt that such acts were unpardonable in a democratic setup and felt that strict action must be taken against those involved in such incidents. They felt that no one should be given authority to take law in their own hands.

Many felt that publicity-seeking hooligans had managed to find such ways to gain popularity across the country. Many felt that such assaults were an attack on democracy, as it hits at our fundamental rights. Some fear that a State, once known for its hospitality and tolerance is soon becoming a hotbed for intolerance. Most felt that all efforts must be made to ensure that such attacks are never repeated again. We profile some responses

It is an attack on democracy itself. Nobody has a right to impose his worldview on other people. If they felt illegal activities were going on in the pub, they should have gone to the police, rather than take matters into their own hands. It is a shameful act.


It is a shameful incident. Such attacks are a manifestation of the seeds of intolerance that are being sowed in society.

The perpetrators behind such crimes must be immediately bought to book and punished.

Rights activist

Such behaviour cannot be tolerated. Beating up women and trying to molest them is not a way to safeguard tradition. The attackers must be arrested. The authorities must ensure that such fringe groups are not allowed take law in their own hands.

NGO worker

We live in a democracy. Such acts cannot be tolerated. It is blatant hooliganism in the guise of fighting for tradition. The attackers must be immediately arrested and punished. The government must also consider banning such outfits.

Rights activist

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