Men smart, women smarter!

HOME- GROWN SKILL Motivational strategies come easily to women Photo: M. Vedhan

HOME- GROWN SKILL Motivational strategies come easily to women Photo: M. Vedhan  

ISSUE Women outperform men in several areas

I t's time to bury the ‘weaker sex' tag six feet under — women outperform men in several areas. Proof? Check out studies, stats and expert opinion. Or, just look around. “Have you noticed that a lot of HR executives are women?” asks Usha Srinivasan, HR professional.

“Their ability to listen, engage with people, their empathy, emotional quotient, collaborative and inclusive approach… It's got to be women.” Women make friends easily, sweep their ego out, and find ways to adjust to a new situation, while men wait for it to change, somehow. “Don't forget women handle crisis better,” says Usha. Studies show women handle financial tight corners too better, probably, because they keep their expectations reasonable, or because they're home-schooled in economics.

Speak out

Also, they don't have the traditional pressure men suffer — to be stoic and manage things by themselves; women just knock on doors, and ask for help.

A survey says women are far more likely than men to talk through their problems. We do that with friends, discuss what is stressing us out, and find solutions; and, no bottling up.

Women are better at helping friends and others cope with a loss or handle an issue. They stay on, and see the friend through, keep an eye on them, and patiently analyse the situation — not just seal the matter by taking them on a drowning trip to the nearest pub!

There's more — women have stronger immune systems, too. And, that pretty much explains why men crumble under mild cold or fever. Oh, and the health aspect — women are more likely than men to have their daily quota of fruits and veggies.

So, is it really a surprise that women outlive men. Which brings us to economics again — improving skills to save for the long years lying ahead.

Money matters

And, any day, women are better managers, and good with investments (think self-help groups!), for they are more cautious with decisions, and think long term.

Experts in the field say women make better greater bosses too — are good listeners, mentors and problem-solvers than their male counterparts.

“Women connect well,” says Usha. “A home-grown skill may be, but motivational strategies come easily to them.” They aren't alarmed when an employee breaks out in tears.

There's more, and we could go on, but then, we also know where to stop, don't we? And, are we proud of who we are? You bet!


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