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Makeover Meter Babita Narayanan

Makeover Meter Babita Narayanan  

Tips on hairstyles for men

W e live in an eraof experimentation. Now, it is just a matter of making choices. But, before we go ahead with haircuts, there is something you need to be aware about.


This is the space above your ears. Sometimes barbers may use the clippers mercilessly. Don't let the clippers go too much above unless your entire haircut demands it. It is best is to stay a little above the natural hairline which will only enhance your style. If you have a broad face, this extended arch will make it look broader and fleshier.


Commonly known as ‘monkey cut' it is not as bad as it sounds. This is where the hair in front is kept long and it can be worn falling over your forehead, brushed back or sideways. If it is worn on the forehead, please ensure that they are cut unevenly in terms of length. This reduces age considerably and gives a softer look.

Styling products

The market is flooded with styling products. But how and when to use it is more crucial than just buying it and using it indiscriminately. If you use styling products, ensure you wash them off before going to bed. Leaving them on will damage your hair. Use them sparingly for special occasions and nights out. If you do use these products regularly, then do not compromise on the quality. Buy the best. Don't be taken in by advertisements. Read and follow instructions to use without fail.


Pomades add shine, smoothness and control while giving it flexibility if used in the right proportions. These are used to direct a strong hairline, for a slicked back look or for heavily textured styles. Not recommended for straight and fine hair since it gives a greasy and limp look.

How to apply

With your fingers scoop out a small amount and rub it between your hands until they become warm. Apply quickly and evenly to damp or dry hair and style as required.


Gels are creams that are water based. This gives a wet, slick look and will have a stiff effect.Normally gels are light hold, firm hold and spray. If you have straight and fine hair, light gel is recommended. For thick and curly hair use firm to heavy gel. Sprays are ideal for styling that require blow drying.

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