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Amit Burman of Dabur with the Pollo Campero mascot

Amit Burman of Dabur with the Pollo Campero mascot  

Campero to offer competition to fast food giants

Quick-service restaurants under Lite Bite Foods find Latino company in Pollo Campero, which endeavours to facilitate its ingress as a worthy competition to fast food giants like KFC and McDonald's. A casual flip through the Campero menu is enough to expose its palpable semblance with a certain other fried chicken chain. Although add-ons like rice meals with pulpy tomato gravy and wraps try to bring in meagre novelty. It also brings with it a welcome change of having something comestible to offer to the vegetarian audiences as well. For its veggie burger is actually tasty and is made with a fresh cross bun on top and a flat one at the base.

A conversation with the chief promoter and vice chairman of Dabur, Amit Burman, provided valuable insight into the company's growth plans for promoting this new chain as a sought-after one.

Burman said that although the focus at Campero is also fried chicken (chiefly due to Indian preference for anything fried over grilled or boiled food), it is different because here the chicken is marinated for three hours beforehand so that the flavour goes up to the bone. He added that there is a variety of tangy and spicy sauces for accompaniment.

He claimed, “There is always room for two to three players. But Campero is already doing better in the U.S. than others and its tastier and spicier products will hopefully be liked by Indians too.”

Burman revealed that Lite Bites has achieved commendable success so far and is looking at 10 to 20 new outlets at high footfall areas this year with a rigorous expansion plan for Pollo Campero but declined to comment on the location of these outlets. He intends to open 50 branches of Campero across the country, half of which he would sub-franchise.

Additionally, after three to four new fast food centres are launched, home delivery is expected to be introduced. Hopefully Pollo Campero's ambitious fight against cancer would also be carried forward to India.


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