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Remix guru Akbar Sami

Remix guru Akbar Sami  

Akbar feels that remixes have been looked down upon in India

Akbar Sami shot to fame with his remix video collection “Yeh Hai Jalwa”, topping the charts nearly 10 years ago. The collection marked the beginning of the remix revolution in India. He has since composed and directed music for many films such as “Hey Baby” and the musical hit “Ashiq Banaya Apne”.

Akbar has finished work on his latest album “Jalwa Returns”, which will be launched in January. Akbar dispels the general opinion that remixes are mere copies of original songs.

He says: “Remixes reached Indian shores recently. In the West, remixes have existed since the late 1960s, and have been very popular. This mindset in India must change if remixes have to emerge as a serious genre of music. Remixes require tweaking the style of the original album, while maintaining the essentials and incorporating the newest elements of music. It is not a ‘copy-paste’ job. I feel that remixes are as difficult as other genres of music.”

He adds: “The last few years have seen the attitude towards remixes change a bit. There is greater acceptance.”

Explaining his decision to be involved in “Jalwa Returns”, he says: “Many industry insiders wanted me to be part of the album. They felt that with a sudden spurt in remix specialists, the remix industry was facing a crisis of low sales figures and a shrinking talent pool. I decided to take the plunge and enjoyed the experience.”

Akbar says that music direction is more difficult than composing music. “I enjoy both. Music direction requires you to take into consideration the sound, the quality and genre of the music vis-À-vis the film. With composing, you do not have to bother much about these technicalities.”

“Jalwa Returns” was a fun experience, but involved a great deal of work. “This decade has seen many developments in the technological side of the music industry. So, we had to incorporate all these changes slowly and ensure that it remains as contemporary as ever.”


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