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In focus Jiah Khan

In focus Jiah Khan   | Photo Credit: Photo: V.V. KRISHNAN

The actor elaborates on working with Aamir Khan and her role in Ghajini

Jiah Khan, shot to fame with her Lolita portrayal opposite Amitabh Bachchan in “Nisabhd”. Ask her about “Ghajini”, and Jiah says: “It was a great experience to work with Aamir. While he is fun on the sets, he is also a hard taskmaster, as he expects you to give 100 per cent to the project. He is a fantastic actor, and is always willing to help. I have not been involved in any other movie, as I have been working on this project for nearly two years.”

In “Ghajini” Jiah plays “a medical student, who stumbles upon the case file of the character essayed by Aamir. She makes efforts to learn about the man’s past”.

Jiah reveals: “In real life, I am a simple girl, just like my character. I am a bit of a geek and love lazing around and reading books. I think I am not as adventurous. I am very different from my character in ‘Nishabd’.”

On her debut film, she adds: “I enjoyed playing the character. It was not a conventional role, and dealt with a very sensitive subject, but the fact remains that it had big names such as Amitabh Bacchan and Revathi. Moreover, it never went overboard, and was very subtle in projecting the situation. It will hopefully be a benchmark for future films that deal with the subject.”

Jiah who is comfortable in front of the camera admits: “I always wanted to be the centre of attention. I guess that attitude helped me get a toehold in the film industry, and eradicated any fear of the camera.”

Not many are aware that the Chelsea football club fan was originally called Nafisa.

On her journey from Nafisa to Jiah, she says: “I changed my name to Jiah, after watching a movie, where a character had a similar name. I liked the sound of the name. I have retained the Khan surname, as a tribute to my mother.”

The lissom lass considers herself lucky to have worked opposite high wattage Bollywood stars such as Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan and Revathy.

“Some people have to wait for five to ten years to work opposite actors of their calibre. It is, indeed, a great honour.”

Tough competition

Jiah has a firm head on her shoulders when she says: “You cannot afford to be typecast for long. If you do not reinvent yourself constantly, you will fade out. The competition is very tough.”

Her next feature is directed by Ken Ghosh, and she would be starring opposite Shahid Kapoor.

“It will be my first out-and-out commercial movie.”


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