It’s a tregging!

Leggings have competition from trouser-leggings

Just when we thought a pair of leggings are as comfortable as second skin, here comes something new. Stores in Europe are making a killing with the new phenomenon, called tregging, which has made its entry into Hyderabad too.

Fashion trends in the past couple of years have changed the way young women looked at trousers. Kareena made harem pants fashionable in Jab We Met and the dhoti pants have been big of late on the runway. But nothing ever came close to upstaging leggings from its coveted position. Despite the fashion fraternity writing the obit for leggings now and then, we continue to team them up with western and Indian outfits.

Treggings fit snugly at your hips and are stretch friendly, but don’t dismiss them for regular stretch pants or slim jeans. They come in soft denims and leather. “We’ve sold many pieces in the last few weeks. Women like the fit of the denim treggings,” says Nisha, assistant store manager, Promod. Stores like Promod, Alta Moda and Splash have stocked treggings for women. “Treggings are for fashion forward women. They look good when teamed up with the right top,” says designer Puja Sahney.

Treggings are versatile and can be worn with shirts and jackets or snug tops (if you are blessed with a slim waist) or a tunic/shirt dress. Fashion designer Asmita Marwa has a word of caution: “Treggings, like leggings, are meant to be shown off rather than be covered by knee-length kurtas. They look great on the runway when worn by reed-thin models. Treggings will look good if you have a slim waist. For others, they are best paired with a long, loose top or kurta.”


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