It’s a sixer of a cuisine

Bon appetite A new place for continental food

Bon appetite A new place for continental food   | Photo Credit: Photo H. Vibhu

It’s fine dining at Cornucopia at The Bat & Ball Inn

It’s a sixer of a cuisine at Cornucopia in The Bat & Ball Inn, Mills Lane, off Foreshore Road. ‘Eat cricket, sleep cricket and shop cricket’ is the official line of The Bat &Ball homestay, but at Cornucopia, the eatery there, what you get is top of the pops continental food. The menu is large and, “everything is available except crabmeat”, informs Anand, a friendly gentleman whose warm and happening kitchen doles out fantastic fusion food along with true continental fare.

The menu tells you about the legend of Cornucopia or the Horn of Plenty and rightly there’s plenty to choose from.

Have seafood grilled, fried, sautéed as starters, savour chicken as short eats, kebabs pan grilled or choose from a variety of vegetarian entrees. The vegetarian ones are just as great even for lovers of meat. My favourite of course was the hoummus, a Middle Eastern dish made from a puree of chickpeas and sesame paste, olive oil and served with warm pita bread. There’s Bruschetta the popular Italian anti pasti, steamed dumplings with their oriental flavours, and Cajun spiced potatoes bringing with them Cajun cooking style. So it’s truly continental to start with.

Then there are the soups and a strong recommend goes in for the mixed seafood broth. Once done with the hors d’ oeuvres the main course is as exploratory with fish done in different styles. The kingfish fillet served in different sauces, baked, steamed, fried are all made well, and the secret of course is the very fresh fish that’s used. Barbequed chicken preparations and mutton braised or stewed are all wholesome and sumptuous main course. They all come with either bread or rice and potatoes. It is a very filling and fulfilling experience.

For vegans

For the vegans there’s an equally satisfying platter and that’s something to thank the chef for. Cottage cheese, spinach crepes, tofu done delightfully, the classic moussaka, a baked dish with aubergines and spinach in béchamel sauce will thrill the vegans.

Carry forward the gastronomic experience with the desserts, which are as tasty as they sound. My vote goes for Tarte Tatin. It’s the classy apple tart done extremely well. It’s an easy at the face recipe but a good apple tart, as here, shows a chef who truly knows his desserts! Here I found it perfect. The Black Forest cheese cake for vegetarians is finely done. The Turkish coffee and almond mousse is delicate and rich in flavours. Savour it all.. And do not forget that there’s a variety of salads too to choose from and a range of pastas in different sauces. By the end of the meal it has been a very satisfying gastronomic experience.

Completing the courtesies the meal is rounded off by an Irish cream taste alike, a small chocolaty drink.

As I straighten the fork and spoon I am already thinking of the foods that I must try out the next time I am here: poached kingfish in wine and thyme, baked crabs, cottage cheese steak and passion fruit jelly. For fine dining like this at a mid-level eatery in town is rare. The prices are modest for the great food experience.


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