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Innovative! Dhruv Bhushan and Anubhav Jain

Innovative! Dhruv Bhushan and Anubhav Jain  

Want to play God, well not literally but literary-ly, then here is your chance to give life to a character and control his life. For people who always wanted to write but weren’t sure of how to get started, > could just be what you are looking for. Dhruv Bhushan and Anubhav Jain, students from the Indian Institute of Management, have come up with this web venture. It is just a month old but has already got 350 members and almost hundred thousand hits. The website is a user driven writing community and allows enthusiastic writers to sign up for free and key in their plots thereby moving the story further. The members here are referred to as co-authors. “Both of us wanted to start something of our own and take the road less travelled. One day we were discussing about the power of the Internet and how it has brought people together, we wondered why the same cannot be channelised into creating something new and that is when the idea was born. From just a website which would initiate a ‘continue the story game’ it expanded to a full fledged plan which would let all users collaboratively write books,” says Dhruv. Both claim that there is no other website like theirs and moreover, being a world record attempt, makes it even more unique.

To get published

Another interesting feature is that once the story is completed it will be published into a book and it will be a book with the most number of co-authors. “Couple of publishing housesare very interested in the idea,” gushes Dhruv.

Overwhelmed with the response that they have received, the two young founders are soon adding more features to the portal. It would initiate short story series; genre based books, non fiction projects including theories, articles and there are also plans to include collaboratively developed magazines and journals. The users would also be provided with personal control panels to interact with others, discussion boards, ability to start their own stories etc. “We are also coming up with a reward system to provide incentives to the entire process beyond the social recognition aspects, with the top contributors getting eligible for exciting goodies,” says an excited Anubhav. Once the book is out, they plan to also turn it into a movie or a video game or any other media depending on how it shapes up. “The possibilities are endless,” he beams.

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