In the name of the common man

DIFFERENT STROKES (Clockwise from top) Koel Purie with ‘a common man’; Shibani Kashap; and Celina Jaitley

DIFFERENT STROKES (Clockwise from top) Koel Purie with ‘a common man’; Shibani Kashap; and Celina Jaitley  

PR blitzkrieg as mini-celebrities, turn crusaders

Post the Mumbai terror attacks, the PR blitzkrieg that followed continues unabated. PR people have been flooding e-mail inboxes with the reactions of their celebrity clients and the activities that they have taken up in response.

The creative juices are overflowing and they have made listening to the voice of the heart a serious job. Their collective consciousness has been stirred like never before. Remembering the lesson learnt in an early science class that every action has an equal reaction, they are devotedly thinking of innovative ways, for whatever they are worth, to let the ‘nation’ and the ‘people’ know that they too care.

First came news about Koel Purie, who interviews celebrities “On the Couch”, getting cosy with King Khan Shah Rukh in her Terror Special episode.

She seriously, not gaily as is her wont, got “Bollywood ka Baadshah” talk about being a Muslim, what he really thinks about terrorism” and to add a dash of spice, “why he hates Shobha De.” Ms. De, of course, was the first to let loose her angst, ruffling a lot of feathers in the process. Of course, the gutsy lady doesn’t mind being the whipping girl of many. All the better to be in the news, my dear.

The cool Koel, struck by an awesome brainwave, then deigned to get off her couch and

went to Leopold café to take the Common Man’s take on terrorism. See, the Common Man, “who is often overshadowed”, has a voice now that makes for zesty hearing.

Of course, the PR fellas did not fail to inform the sympathetic audience that the trademark red couch had taken on a black cape as a sign of respect for terrorism sufferers.

Celina Jaitley, after the euphoria induced by the super-success of “Golmaal”, but still revelling in her hot-hot pin-up star status, has got her grey cells working majorly as the gal has started blogging. Shaken by the terror attack, she now shares her thoughts on elections, security, the poor common man and myriad other issues which she feels she can contribute to.

As her PR representative puts it, the actor is “all set to unleash her ideas and share her thoughts with like-minded people.” As for Ms Jaitley, she believes actions speak louder than words while “waiting for a party to see what really and genuinely it has to offer to me (star campaigner?), waiting to get a ration card and passport on time without red tapism (sic), waiting for homosexuality to be accepted legally (what a “Dostana”!), waiting for protection within 15 minutes of a terrorist attack (no less or more than the time period set, okay).

For her literary endeavours, Celina has already got an offer to write a newspaper column.

Way to go, girl.

Shibani Kashyap and her band Sojourne, in their bid to do their bit for the victims of the Mumbai attacks, have composed a song called “Alvida”, a tribute to the people who have lost their loved ones.

The song does not have a video shot for it. Sensible Shibani says the song is “her way to show solidarity towards the unfortunate incident, conveying the message to let go of what has happened and put ourselves together.” The lyrics go like this: “Alvida, ho chali jaan badan se juda, muft mein lut gaye ai Khuda… Alvida alvida alvida alvida”.

Starlet Tulip Joshis’s beau, Capt Vinod Nair, “the man on a mission” who quit the Army but loves to tom-tom his status of being an ex-Army commando, has separated himself from his Siamese twin girlfriend for his latest endeavour.

This time, he’s joined hands with director Rohit Jugraj, whose career didn’t quite jam with “James”, even falling out with his mentor, Ram Gopal Varma.

His next venture, “Superstar”, sank without a trace. Rohit, of course, is the “Dilli da munda” and guy who chucked his MBBS for love of cinema, but enjoyed blasting Sanjay Leela’s vision of cinema.

The two have devised a module “targeted at the common man to handle themselves in dangerous and volatile situations.

The main objective is to make individuals capable of taking care of themselves as well as those around them during unforeseen disasters or when danger strikes.


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