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Visuals of hope The pictures portray various facets of the country  

Young Afghan photographers capture the changing face of their nation

Max-Mueller Bhawan is organising a photo exhibition, Life and Nothing Else, which tells the story of Afghanistan through visuals taken by young Afghan photographers.

The works in the exhibition resulted from a workshop in 2004 organised by Goethe-Institut, Kabul, in collaboration with the French media organisation AINA.

Conducted by German lensman Wolfgang Bellwinkel, the workshop trained young photographers to document the change in Afghan society and equip them to meet the demands of the contemporary media market.

Moving away from the clichéd images, the show narrates the saga of the changes trickling in the country. If a wedding video specialist Ahmad Tamim Malik Asghar has captured the significance and grandeur of weddings, then Mohammad Ishaq Gulban expresses the fact that faith and religious ceremonies remained stable even through the trying times.

As Bellwinkel puts it, “We see women walking self-confidently alongside their husbands; melancholy young men whose sad stares reflect nothing of the heroically-posed Mujahedeen; and living rooms of every social class, which not only speak of the conventions and dreams of an Islamic society, but go beyond that and show us a multifaceted society.”

The exhibition is on display from June 13 to June 30 at Max-Mueller Bhawan