In the big league

The month-long fantasy, Indian Premier League is here

For children these days, memories of summer vacations may no longer be about long train journeys to grandmother's village.

The Indian Premier League has slowly but surely weaved its way into our regular summer fix. The Twenty20 cricket tournament with its mix of big hits and the peripherals is here to stay with the late evening time-slots capable of giving the death rattle to sluggish serials. It's going to be 45 days of frenetic cricket with eight city-based teams vying for the top spot when the championship eventually concludes on April 25.

The controversy about the non-inclusion of Pakistani players and the resultant verbal tangle between Kolkata Knight Riders' owner Shah Rukh Khan and the Thackerays in Mumbai illustrated that cricket, cinema and politics can all be part of an exasperating mix. With a few theatres slated to screen the IPL games, cricket of the “fast and furious” variety will get its share of huge viewership ratings.