Hope for Hockey?

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Encouragement, need of the hour

There is no hope for hockey, as Indians do not encourage the players. People love to fight for tickets and watch cricket instead of supporting our National game. Even at home, people switch channels to watch cricket. Of course, the fault doesn’t lie entirely on viewer interest but also on the players’ efficiency. Sometimes they feel discouraged and think that it is not worthwhile to play hockey. They have a chance to win if people encourage and appreciate them.

Romila Gillella Saroornagar

Quick on your feet

Hockey requires continuous running or physical movement by the team members. Lazy people don’t play hockey. In every sphere what is ‘national’ appears to be gradually decreasing in popularity. Making hockey a sought after game once again is possible only when people with experience or knowledge of hockey are encouraged. Celebrities can also be used to promote or sponsor hockey. We can also create an international hockey fan team for those who are representing the country internationally.

A. Girija Rao Srinagar Colony

Time for post mortem

In a country where hockey is the national game, players losing to England in the qualifying match is not tolerable. For the first time in Indian hockey history India won’t be participating in the Olympics. It’s time to see who the people responsible for this setback are; the first person would be K.P.S Gill. As the president of IHF for many years, he has to take responsibility for this dismal performance. He should step down and make way for someone who is dedicated and can steer the team to regain its past glory.

Jagadish K.V Gachibowli

Unwarranted patronage to cricket

Until we were winning gold and claiming the first spot in world hockey, we treated hockey as our national game. We lost interest once our players began to lose internationally. This is mainly due to unwarranted patronage to cricket by sponsors. The same sponsors should not only look at hockey but also other sports so that we regain our lost glory.

Raghunathan Padmanabhanagar

A strong team

Though it is disheartening to see the Indian team not qualifying for the Beijing Olympics, we need to focus on building a strong team. The IHF should be revamped and former hockey players should be given the opportunity to build up the team and not the retired bureaucrats.

Dr. Gandhi

Lack of discipline

The qualifier in Chile has driven the last nail in the coffin for Indian hockey. The better team won and very often, our debacle is attributed to politics, coaches, managers or chiefs or we find some scapegoat. The fact is that Indian players could not catch up with the rest. As one foreign coach has very candidly said, “Indians lack discipline and devotion”. That we have won the Asia cup is no consolation as it was not an impressive win. We need to learn from Pakistan the art of playing hockey.

Darshan Kumar

Better promotion

Hockey is our national game. It has totally taken a back step with players not performing well and lacking encouragement from the government and public. Hockey is not being promoted on a large scale like cricket. Chak De was an eye opener for people who earlier had no interest in hockey. It is in the hands of the players to prove that hockey is our national game. Unless we pay attention to the game and encourage players, we have no chance of winning the world cup in Olympics.

Venkata Bhavani

Gill must go

India comes foremost to our mind at the mere mention of hockey. We have the talent and enthusiasm but something has gone amiss in building the confidence in our players. We need change in the top brass of IHF. Why should K.P.S. Gill be so adamant to not resign magnanimously? The coaches should slightly modify their training to suit foreign teams that are more agile and sure on the field. Also, its high time hockey fans too forget the past and cheer up our heroes.

C. Subramaniam Domalaguda

Honing talent

Thinking of hockey, we get delighted when we hear that we won the Olympic gold medal from 1928 to 1956. Those were the golden days of Indian Hockey. Today, our team has failed to qualify for the Beijing Olympics, 2008. IHF has to set things right, even foreign coaches can be hired to raise the standard. Sometimes failure gets you closer to where you want to be. Nowadays hockey is played on fast paced astro turf grounds. Coaches have to find ways to utilise individual talents in the best interest of the team. It has to be a selfless process.

Syed Basheer Fateh Derwaza

A glimmer of hope

Considering India’s winning streak a few years ago, no one would have imagined that the country will not qualify for the Olympics. It is high time we find better measures to handle the team and restore the lost glory of hockey. To encourage the game, corporates should come forward by providing necessary infrastructure and basic amenities to hockey players besides financial assistance.

Praveen Kumar Trimulgherry

Support the players

Our hockey team’s debacle has sparked controversies. This is the time when we viewers and those concerned with the sport need to undergo a change in mindset. Do all players display outstanding performances across the world consistently? So, instead of venting the ire on our players we need to support them and give them a ray of hope to make a comeback. Indian players should bring accolades to the national game and we should continue to support them.

Swathi, Alwal

There is hope, always

India’s failure might have been shocking to us but we should not forget that there is hope for a better tomorrow. We need to provide our team with good facilities, a good coach and motivation. If Bollywood can spend money on making Chakde India why can’t the hockey federation make that story into reality?


For betterment of the game

All players should take this as a challenge. Players should have good communication within the team and there should be cooperation from the management and the selectors. Good players should be given preference without any room for politics. More time should be spent on practice. Above all they should be encouraged.

M. Venkateswara Reddy

Work as a team

Hockey is our national game and it was sad that our team failed to qualify for the Olympics. In 1980, we won the gold medal. Unity is strength. The players should work together as a team, be cooperative and confident. Players should rectify their weak points and with more practice, should perform well next time and win the gold for India. They should be guided by a good coach. Practice makes the game perfect.

Keerthi. M

Encourage them

As it is players are deeply hurt following the defeat. Why add salt to the injuries? Encourage them and they will do well certainly.


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