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Animal Planet celebrates World Environment Day with ‘Song of the Earth’ on June 5

How immense is the real damage of global warming, rainforest destruction, wildlife extinction, rising sea levels, drought and meteoric collisions? What are the destructive effects? And, how can we change it to ensure that our future generations inherit as wonderful a world as we did?

Animal Planet answers these in its special eight-hour long programme, ‘Song of the Earth’: Celebrating World Environment Day.

Looking for clues all over the world, from the interiors of the savannahs to under the great seas, viewers will follow wildlife conservationists such as David Attenborough and Jeff Corwin to understand the current state of our planet.

Viewers will join world famous personalities, including Hollywood actor Sigourney Weaver and diving champion Tanya Streeter, and witness their efforts on preservation, rehabilitation and conservation.

The segments to be aired include, ‘Is there a crisis?’ with David Attenborough, where the team travels from the rainforest home of golden monkeys to the African habitat of the voracious driver ant to find out why certain species are becoming extinct at a rapid rate. ‘Ocean Voyagers’, narrated by Meryl Streep, is an evocative film about motherhood and parenting, featuring a newborn humpback whale and his 40-tonne mother.

Extraordinary tales

‘Gorillas Revisited With Sigourney Weaver’, where the actress recounts the tale of gorilla conservationist Dian Fossey and her mountain gorillas and the endeavour of those who continue to save these animals from extinction.

In ‘Diving with whales’, diver Tanya Streeter returns to her Caribbean home to dive with humpback whales. Every winter, the Turks and Caicos Islands are hosts to the great natural wonder of 2,500 humpback whales who stop off on their southward migration. Tanya shares the privilege of being part of their world. .

The programme will be aired on June 5 from 5 p.m. till midnight. For more information, visit >

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